At the local QFC tonight ...

The dudes, pushing 50 each, grey hair and hiking boots, ventilated ball caps - the dudes in front of us bought 3 bottles of wine and two six packs of beer.

"That'll be seventy-four fifty-six," says the cashier.

They pay and scoot along.

"Did those guys just pay 74 dollars for beer and stuff?" I ask as I put in my club card number.

"Yep," says the cashier, "Well, that and they got a single stalk of rhubarb."


"Rhubarb," says DiDi, "Huh."




There is no scientific proof that smoking mini cigars is better for you than smoking cigarettes ... but there are a shit load of inaccurate voices in my head that tell me it's all right.


Spend Saturday nights with the one you love.


I'm just great.
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