Say, who's that freshly hair-cutted guy who likes his politics leaning left and his lady tinting red? That's me.

A website put my picture on the internet. I'm immortal.
The other day, walking by a fountain ...

R. Girl: (pulling her hand out of the pool surrounding the fountain) Hey, that water's pretty warm. Warmer than expected.

Me: Hmmmm. Like you want to cook some broccoli in it?

R. Girl: What? I don't know what that mean-

Me: Yes ... Look, I need to ask you something.

R. Girl: O.K.

Me: What if instead of answering your question about the broccoli statement, I crossed my hands over my chest like so ... and then just floated off really slowly and landed on that rooftop over there? And then I just stared at you as you walked by.

R. Girl: That - that'd be creepy. I'd probably ignore you.

Me: Oh, but you couldn't ignore me. I'd float from rooftop to rooftop. Staring at you.

R. Girl: What's the point of these questions?

Me: To prepare you!

R. Girl: What?

Me: Hey, the hurricane showed us you gotta be prepared.

R. Girl: Prepared for -

Me: Ooo, what if I floated down and landed on that flight of stairs as you passed under ... LIKE YOU'RE DOING RIGHT NOW!
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