The other night I bought da 2nd seazon of Ali G and Serpico on DVD. I was appalled-APPALLED- to see that in this post-9/11 world people are still- STILL- putting DVDs out in full screen format.

This means there are people out there who still get annoyed by "the black bars".

I once tried to teach some of the farming community members of my family that "the black bars" actually allowed you to see the movie as it was meant to be seen. I could see the eyes start to glazin' as I explained "ratios" and "directors". So, I had to change the topic to hogs.

"Hogs t'ain't got the black bars."

"No. No, they don't."

"Let's just watch the hogs."

So, here are a couple of graphics that show you what you lose when you go from widescreen (top) to full screen (bottom).
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