We were short a "follower" at swing dancin' again this week. That meant our instructor had to fill in. This means dancing with a dude is becoming a regular thing in my life.

So, we were reviewing the underhand turn. You know, rock step, basic triple step, back into a rock step, hand up, follower turns, finish out triple step, back together, basic triple step. The usual.

Everything's going just fine unitl I put up my hand to start the turn and Mr. Too Good To Turn doesn't do his turn. What's this? When we turn, we turn without questions. This isn't Anarchy dancin'.

We're just dancin' away with our arms up in the air. I bet we looked ridiculous!

He goes up to the front of the class and goes over what we just did. "Did it great, blah, blah, blah."

Then he throws in a "Even though I didn't turn when I was supposed to ... sorry about that" my way.

Outside I'm all "That's cool. No prob." Right?

Inside I was saying "You better appologize. Making me stand there with my arm up. Looking like a triple-stepping orangatan."

Whatever. ;)
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