Sometimes, late at night, I wonder what Hamburgarr is up to.

Fight injustice this weekend, reader. Stand up for the little guy named Democracy.

Remember, Democracy isn't Bill O'Reilly and Matt Drudge telling a grieving war mother to shut up. Democracy isn't stealing billions in oil money and then dipping your finger in purple ink.

You know what Democracy really is. Now go get 'em, Tigers.
Thoughts on that first Hamburgarr cartoon:
-I fuckin' misspelled "here".
-That's supposed to be Matt Drudge wearing the hat in the press confrence.
-What the hell happens next?
We see him at different points in history, but we never find out how Hamburgarr's assault on Fort Bragg played out. Or, for that matter, how he and Ben Franklin defeat Evil James Madison or how he stops the future bots from killing Young Abe Lincoln. Huh. I really need to finish what I start.
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