President Bush phoned Discovery's astronauts on Tuesday, thanking them for being "risk takers for the sake of exploration." ... "We are with you and wish you all the very best. Thanks for taking my phone call. Now get back to work," the president said.

And then, the very next day the man went on a FIVE WEEK VACATION!

Oh, the new precipices of evil this man is reaching! The evil balls it takes to tell men and women risking their lives IN SPACE to "get back to work". Even joking around, that's EVIL!

But then, to leave the next day on your 49th vacation as president, 320 days total so far, the longest presidential vacation in 36 years, mind you .... POP! POP! There go the horns!

I tell ya, the young and evil like myself are really going to have to come up with some wicked shit to top this guy. Kudos to you, Mr. President, the Michael Jordan of Evil.
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