How does Brent Kinkade enjoy a day off? First, have some lunch with my brother before his life changes forever with the birth of his son. The due date is tomorrow. Hooray, Circle of Life!

Visit Jimi Hendrix's grave as I've meant to for two years. Boo, Drug Abuse!

Grow a beard. Go to bed.

(Lamp trivia: That lamp in the shadows back there has a monkey for a base. It's a damn monkey wearing a suit.)

How does Brent Kinkade make sweet wuvvy duvvy talk go horribly wrong?

"Oh, Baby, you're the best."

"You too, Peanut Head."

"I wuv it when you call me Peanut Head."

"Do you?"

"Yes, I do, my wittle Pork Chop."


Oh, shit.

"Did you just call me a - Don't you ever call me a fucking pork chop."

"I'm sor-"


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