Didn't anyone see Goodfellas?

You know, the scene where they lift the guy's truck and he runs into the restaurant yelling "Hey, you got a phone? Two n*****s just stole my truck. You believe that shit, huh? You fuckin' believe that?"

Well, that scene played out in London today.

Staff at a central London hospital were told Thursday to look out for an Asian or black man with wires protruding from his shirt...

Four explosions. Mass hysteria. Nobody knows what to do. Someone in a confused crowd points someone out.

"Look! An asian guy with wires!"

"Huh? Where?"

"He's running away! Get him!"

And, like in Goodfellas, you suddenly have a convenient "suspect". Funny thing is, they can't tell if he's black or asian. Hmmm. Maybe it's becasue nobody ever saw him?

I like how they said, "“We all got off on the platform and the guy just ran and started running up the escalator."

Two weeks ago your city is bombed. Today some explosions go off and you question the guy running? Hell, buddy, if I was there you guys would be on the lookout for a stocky, bearded white guy running around the city screaming "HOLY SHIT!".
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