This was the song that greeted me this morning. Since hitting the snooze button was a little much to ask of me, I laid and listened.

I'd never noticed the little debate at the end of the song over playing that funky music 'til death.

"'Til you diiiiiiie!"

"'Til you diiiiiie?"

"Oh, 'til you diiiiiiiie!"

And, just so you know, that's exactly how I see James Brown leaving this world.

All waving his cane and saying "Not so fast, Mr. Death." Belting out one last jam until his heart just goes out on him. Floating up to Heaven without even noticing he'd passed away. Dancing at the Pearly Gates.
So, my important thing? Forget that.

It was a job interview that I blew so hard I got sick.

Seriously. As I drove away from the interview my throat tightened up and my sinuses shut down. I've spent the past two days laid up at home chugging vitamin C and watching The People's Court.

Not to worry, though.
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