This is going up in my office.
Speaking of cars....
Today I went in to get my oil changed. You know, instead of working. Well, after changing my oil and a belt they dropped a bomb on me.

"Yeah, you see how your engine is just shooting out coolant all over our shop? That's not good."

"Can you fix that here?" I ask.

"No. No, we can't."

So, I called a mechanic.

"Yeah, sure, I can fix it. What kinda truck?"

"98 Chevy S-10. 6 cylinder."


"Can you give me a ballpark estimate on how much it will be?"

"Let's see ... hmmm .... 98 ...."

"Wha- Oh, I thought you were going to say it would be 98 dollars."

"No. Hahahahahahahahaha!"

It's not a good sign when your mechanic laughs like a mad scientist before he gives you an estimate.
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