My Dad's been doing a lot of business in China lately. His Chinese friends nicknamed him Da Shan ("Big Mountain"). I figure I gotta make Poppa proud.

I don't want to have to do any bangin' or have to go through any initiations or anything. I just want to be Lil' Rocky.

When I was a kid I had this irrational fear that street thugs or Mafioso were going to try to get me to join their gangs. I was scared that when I told them "No" they were going to beat me up. Then I was scared that if I said "Yes" to avoid the beatings I would end up killed in one of those bloody scenes where they put an icepick in the skull of everyone involved in some crime that the cops had been snooping around about.

The climactic part of "Layla" playing. Found days later frozen solid in a meat locker.

Other pre-teens were starting to learn about cars. I was practicing how I would talk myself out of a gangland hit.
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