Those shoes have a silicone gel in the sole. It feels like your walking around with two strippers laced to your feet. And that feels like Heaven.

"How could you ever think to step on rabbits?!?!"

'Cause I saw this guy do it once. Repeatedly.

It was one afternoon after school in the seventhish grade. My friend down the street and I were building a zipline or hitting bee's nests. Seventh gradish boy stuff.

I'm pretty sure he was singing Radiohead's "Creep". Whenever I remember him he's always singing that song.

We were cutting through the woods behind his house when all of a sudden ...

"Whoa! Dude, you just stepped on a baby rabbit," I said.

"Where?" He asks as he again steps on the rabbit.

"There you go, you're doing it again!"

"Where is he?" At this point he begins shifting about looking for the rabbit.

"Right under you! Stop moving for a second!"

The rabbit went on to be fine. My friend ended up going to the wrong school on the first day of high school. I went on to write this.
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