These are the things I think about when I'm supposed to be paying attention to the road.

And when I do pay attention to the road, I see things like this ...

This morning I was stuck behind a semi-truck on my way to work.

Why were you stuck? Traffic jam? One lane road?


In the bottom left corner of the backside of the truck the words "Passing Lane" were written. An arrow above it pointed to the left.

In the right corner there was the word "SUICIDE" with an arrow pointing right.

To the left was the carpool lane. Illegal for me to be in.

To the right was suicide. Illegal for me to attempt.

So, I stayed put. And stared at "SUICIDE" for 45 minutes. Staring at the word "SUICIDE" for 45 minutes on a Wednesday morning is ridiculous for one man to do.




"Oh man, this is the worst commute ever."
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