The Nun on Rapture Party would be played by Shelly Long. We would not get along.

Speaking of religion and insanity.
I think what the world needs is a break from religious rhetoric and debate. Terry "Hang In There" Schiavo, then the Pope, now the New Pope and an NBC miniseries (I like that there is an ad for "Will & Grace" next to the hooey about the Signs of Endtimes).

We need a sex scandal or an escaped elephant running down an interstate to clear our national conscience.

In related news, Bjork has been trying to enter my life.

This morning I heard a Bjork song for the first time in many years. This also marked the 4th time I have read about or heard about or been witnessed to about Bjork in less than a month.

Is this a sign?

Am I ready to welcome Bjork into my life? Will I allow Bjork to be my musical Icelandic savior?

Still time to send in your vote for who should be in the 200th VSP.
Violent Stick People
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