Let's hope Phantom gets his stuff together in time to stop Charlie Africa's profit deal. Unless you too enjoy getting paid. Then up with profits!

This morning I heard a shouting behind me.

"Brent! Brent! Can you help me? I need a big one! I need a big red one!"

Man, I hope nobody thinks I work in the dong trade.

I turn around. It's Crumble Cheeks. She's holding a red marker. A small red marker.

"I have never been happier to see a woman holding a small red marker."

Thanks to everyone who has sent in suggestions for the 200th Violent Stick People.

Have you? Send them to violentstickpeople@gmail.com and remember to vote for which recurring character you want to see in it.

Who's winning so far? You'd shit yourself if you knew.

Violent Stick People
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