Jeez Oh Pete, my arms are hurting. I looked like Jewel the Gimp from "Deadwood" trying to put on a shirt this morning.

Yes, yes, I went against all known medical advice and lifted weights again last night. Screw a day off for recovery. I'm going for the shock and awe technique on my arms.

And now ...

The 200th Violent Stick People cartoon is fast approaching. As we did for the 100th, I'd like to hear your ideas for it.

Send me an e-mail at violentstickpeople@gmail.com

The idea can be something as complex as "A man tries meth for the first time. He enjoys it!" or something simple like "Batgirl".


One of the recurring characters will be in the strip. But who? You, the reader, will decide that.

Be it Hamburgarr, Dr. Mustache, Weepy Skeleton or Batman, when you send me an e-mail send me your vote.

Hey! It's another dude I know. Great day in the day!

And! Another one! This guy was my college roommate and Phi Kappa Nasty co-host.

Everybody looks so happy on the internet. But both of these people have said curse words to me.

Violent Stick People
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