During one of my Brent-Meets-World summers of puberty I read the "Phantom" comic everyday.

I think the storyline was "The Phantom Decides On Lunch". By August he had whittled down the list to a reuben or "just skipping it and having a big dinner".

Man, if I was raised on Dick Tracy, The Phantom and Captain Marvel I would have checked out at 14.

"I have to wait a week to see if Dick Tracy finds his hat? Self-induced persistent vegetative state! Wake me when the Beatles get here."

I've tried since then to recreate the magical summer of '92, but it just isn't the same. Phantom's storylines are chronically "almost interesting".

"The Phantom is looking for a statue for a nice old lady, huh? I think I'm going to pass this one up. But his horse meets an Indian, you say? Like a peyote-bent warrior? Just an Indian? An Indian named 'Talks With Friends'. Yeah, that's just not my thing."
Violent Stick People
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