Bud Grizzly hid in that tree for 2 days. Other deer passed, but THIS was his deer. He named it Chevy.

It's time for a "The Other Day" story.

The other day I went for my state-mandated emissions test. This is necessary, you non-Washitonians, if you want a sticker that says "06" on it. To read more about this click here.

To read about the short man who conducted my test, place eyes here and follow to =============> here. Repeat.

I pulled into the parking lot of the Emission Testing Place. A short man waved me into his line. As there were no cars in his line, I was excited.

"Great balls of nuts!"

"Sir, please put your car in park."
I did. He then proceeded to check my gas tank for a leak.

"Sir, do not forget that this weekend we set our clocks forward an hour."

"Oh, I know. Did I pass?"

"You did not not pass."

"Ha ha."

"That, sir, was a double negative. It means you did pass."

"Um, yes."

You know how sometimes in life you meet a mechanic or a plumber who just knows everything? Not just everything about plumbing or mechanicry. No, they know Jeopardy everything and you'll sit and listen to them talk about indians or boats while they wrench away.

This guy was not that kind of guy.

This guy liked to talk authoritively of things we all learned in the third grade. "Two negatives make a positive. Not not is good". "Clocks go forward once a year and back once".

"Are you aware that this state was named after George Washington?"

"Give me my inspection report!"

"Inspection starts with an I. Did you know that is a letter?"

The curtain has fallen from in front of the Chimp's facade of being the "popular president".

Violent Stick People
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