Before anything else ....Jeffrey Rowland of Overcompensating metioned this. I am crying tears of pride and laughter.

And now ..

I'm curious about something. How many of you guys have taken a women's studies course?

I took a couple "Women & Minority in Media" classes in college. And let me tell you something, penis owners, a real man knows about wage disparity. A straight-up dude understands body image issues.

True, my original intents in signing up for a WOST class were not as noble as they come. At first it was part of "The Trifecta" for meeting girls.

Part one of The Trifecta: I'd been working out. This was the summer before my junior year and I was lifting weights. My triceps were scary. My biceps? Arm Gods.

Part two of The Trifecta: I had just started doing my D.J. thing on the campus radio station. This was back when The Strokes were still underground. I brought all that Deltron flava hot off the press. I was The Incredible Hulk in ear goggles.

Part three of The Trifecta: I signed up for a women's studies course. It proved that I want to know more about what's in a woman's head.

But in the end, The Trifecta was an all around failure. Part one should have been "Regular haircuts", part two should have been "Actually go out and meet people" and it might have been a good idea to throw in "But, do not go out in public while you are drunk and bleeding".

What did come about, though, was me gaining girl knowledge.

I was one of three dudes in a class of 100. The old joke is that women are hard to understand. Not true. When you have 97 girls breathing down your neck, you learn fast.

And it did make me less of a beast, more of a gentleman ... and, happy to say, one hell of a boyfriend today.

And today's Phantom might be the greatest comic ever drawn.
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