As best I could figure, she's yelling "BAD DOG!". Man all me, that last panel could give hope to a crippled man lost in the desert.

"What's with you and Helen Hunt?" is quickly catching up to "Do you really have a mustache?" as the top question asked of me. The later will be answered for you on Monday. I think.

Wednesday night.....



Minutes pass.

"Babe?" I ask.

"Hmm.." R. Girl replies.

"What if you woke up in the middle of the night and I was gone, and you just heard this voice saying (speaking in low and breathy voice) 'Wake up, child. Wake up and face meeeee.'? Would that be creepy?"


"'Look into my eyyyyes. I - I am reaching for yooooou.'"


As I drifted into Dreamland I thought to myself, "I probably could have done without that conversation."
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