Actually, I listen very closely to her as I shoot zombies. But, sometimes the sounds overlap in my brain and I get confused.

"What? One of the kids at work found the Soul Cube?"

2nd Panel Trivia: The marshmallows are named "Fat Suzanne Puffs".

Speaking-Of-The-Name-Suzanne-And-Girlfriends Trivia: In junior high I "went out" with a girl named Suzanne for about a week. Why just a week? Because I kept calling her Susan. She didn't appreciate me not taking the time to learn her name. It's cool, though, I was just in it for first dibs on her unwanted dessert items at lunch.

It's so nice in Seattle, it makes me wish I was a nudist in an uninhabited world. Have a good weekend.

On Monday you find out if I really have a mustache.

Violent Stick People
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