Yelling "I DON'T DO DRUGS!" in public is not a very good way to make your case.

What is not shown is me agreeing to undergo a drug screening followed by a lengthy debate between George Washington and myself on the merits and perils of illegal substances. This, however, was very hard to draw.

For those of you interested in my public appearances ... I will be at the Southcenter Best Buy in Tukwila, WA each Sunday from 12:30 'til 1:30.

As my atheletic girlfriend will be practicing with her softball team, my consumables-addicted me will be making slow and methodic circles about the store.

I'll be the guy in the Dodgers cap staring at the cover of "The Dirty Dozen" for 10 minutes.

And, seriously, I don't do drugs. Thanks to all of my family members who were concerned enough to ask "Did you really eat garbage in an alley with a hobo?" and "Seriously, do you have a mustache?".

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