My Axl Rose dancing ruined the bad guy's day.

A story about flirting with disaster flavored pie:
This past weekend I felt that my girlfriend deserved to be treated to a nice sit-down breakfast. She works so hard to heal kids, make our bed and listen to me talk about Batman.

And she didn't want to cook.

So we got a booth at our local smoke-filled regional Denny's equivalent.
Mmmmm pancakes.
Mmmmm bacon.
Coffee! More!

A sign hanging over our booth tells me "Any pie for 5.99!"

"What a deal."

I look to my right and there they are. The pies. Pumpkin, apple ... pies.
subconsciously, I start raising my eyebrows in a flirty manner as I look at the pies.

"Oooo, I'd eat that one and that one at the same time. And that one? That one could watch."

"Are you flirting with that waitress?" I hear and snap out of my baked-porno-goods mindset.


"You're looking over at that waitress with a big smile on your face. You keep raising your eyebrows like you're flirting."

Sure enough, there is a waitress standing right next to the pie case. From where R. Girl was sitting it must of looked very bad.

"Jesus pie no! I'm looking at those pies!"
Violent Stick People
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