Do you know why the eagle is crying? Because you don't understand zoology.

And you know why you don't understand zoology? Because you're allergic to learning, you duct-taped babies. Can you believe that it's come down to the fact that you might actually need a "Student's Bill of Rights" that says your brain is entitled to learn?

Universities are places to let your mind grow. You hear crazy things. You hear wonderful things. And if you really listen, you learn to think for yourself.

That's the best part of an education. You don't need a crazy neo-con or your mother to point out the horseshit for you. You can pick it out by yourself.

But you all cry "They don't talk like me! Where's Momma? Where's Jesus?". Pat Buchanan would be disgusted by you panty-huggers, you radicals who stole the party of Lincoln.

And did you ever stop to think that MAYBE the educated people sound like Noam Chomsky and not Bill O'Reilly for a reason?
Violent Stick People
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