And ...

As I was going through the gauntlet of airport security yesterday morning, there was a lady in front of me who was very much so taking off almost all of her clothes.

"I just need to take off my jacket."

"Wait, here are my boots."

"This shirt might be a risk to foreign oil independence."

Holy junks, was this not-at-all-attractive lady about to strip to the buff to prove her hate for shoe bombs?
Why weren't the security people saying something to her? They were just letting her take off more and more layers of clothing.

"I think I might, wait ... yep, socks."

They knew she could keep her socks.

I was returning from a week of no television, no internet and no news. I really hadn't had much human contact beyond "A Bud, a Miller Lite and two Jacks".
I had completely forgotten that I was supposed to be on edge at all times.

"Oh, America. What a dweeb."

Also! Extra!
I know I've been pretty weak on updating the progress of Kyle's fetus.
But I do have some very exciting news.

It's going to be a boy!

I'm going to be an uncle to a little nephew. This weekend, I shop for a Tonka truck and a badass t-shirt that says "Black Market Material".
Violent Stick People
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