This WOULD be insane! But for now it is just an insane warning on the dangers of vanity.

Buy a shirt and look pretty. Pretty smart that is.

In me news. My W-2's have arrived and my taxes must be done as soon as possible to fund my trip to San Diego in a little over a month.

But can it be that easy?
Of course not. Never.

One of my Dub Deuces has the wrong employer number on it.
Does this bother the employer? Of course not.
I'm the silly one for calling in and asking them to check on it.

"We're aware of the problem, but in all honesty you're the only one to call in and complain," they informed me.

"Oh, well then I best be quiet fo' ol' Boss get spooked." I will fight this now!

Update: They fixed it. Then Ol' Boss Sam fixed me. For the first time ever ... I owe.
Violent Stick People
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