Hello, Soda, my old friend. I've come to sip of you again ...

A weekend trip to the Pacific Science Center has got me thinking that a robot version of myself might be the key to it all. Enough of this work and Matt Drudgery! I have pools to sink to the bottom of, books to read and C.D.s to covet.

I have started making plans for my trip to San Diego, which will not be stopped by Uncle Sam's purse snatching of my refund fund fundings.

The plans are still moving forward. So far, they are this:
1.) Buy a plane ticket.
2.) Don't go to Sea World. It's too expensive.

But there have to be sacrifices for the funding, right?


So, for the next month I will not be drinking. I will save my money and toxicity in a San Diego piggy bank.
I figure I will be able to save up $13,000 and a precious acre of liver.

Plus, after learning that I would weigh 784 lbs. on Jupiter it's probably a good idea to cut back on the P.B.R. and jerky buffets for a bit.

Violent Stick People

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