With longing I look back to those short days not long ago.

It is now time for Brent Explains His Comics to His Little Brother Kyle:

First panel- I see some nerds at a grocery store.

Second panel - I ask my girlfriend (you have met her, she has red hair, remember?) how old she thinks the nerds are that we saw at the grocery store.

She answers. Her answer is that she guesses they are 16 or 17 years old.

Third panel - She continues to explain to me that she overheard their conversation, which was mainly about frozen pizza and Mountain Dew (you have had that before, it comes in a green can, remember?).

I imagine that the nerds like to dance around to "The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonight" by R.E.M. while they eat and drink.

Fourth panel - I gaze off into eternity. Hoping my words the wind will carry to those of precious youth, I remind the young that the days of pizza and soda are fleeting.

I'm the one wearing a hat.

Now, enjoy it, you great beast of blunder, you prince of what.
Violent Stick People
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