On New Years, I won $70 at blackjack. How and why did I go against my usual principle of not handing over my money to Native American Peoples? A tale needs telling.

R. Rogers had taken out a hundered bucks to gamble at the penny slots.

Half an hour later she was down to $30. Pennies fall fast, too, my friends.

To defend my woman's honor and bank balance, I bellied up to the blackjack table.
"Ha! You can't beat the house," said Deals With Golden Hand.

"You tell the house that the carpenter's here. It's time for new shelves," I said.

"You know the house can't talk, right?"

"Can't talk like a fox! Now, let's play!"

Half an hour later I had won my babe's $70 back.

"And that's how heroes are born," I said as I walked away from the table ... and for the next three days.
Violent Stick People
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