Last night as I paid for dinner at the local Asian restaurant next to a sex store, our waitress offered R. Girl a lollipop.

"What flavor is that?" she asked.

"It's graaaaaape," said the Asian waitress next to a sex store.

"Can I have another flavor?"

"Sure, watermelon?"

"That'll match her cute little hair," I added.

"I can't wait for my lollipop," I thought to myself. "It's going to be root beer."

I wasn't offered one.

As we walked through the parking lot we looked at each other.

I said it first.

"I think she thought you were my daughter."

"I think so too."

"I totally should have frenched you."

But how can you shock a woman who sells teriyaki to new vibrator owners?

Update: After speaking with consultants, the topic-specific card idea will be on-hold for a little bit.

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