A story forgotten remembered:

Kyle and I decided to meet for lunch and iPod swapping mid-week last short week.
We stopped by the bank first.

"I'll just swing by the ATM," I said.

"I have to go into the bank," Kyle Kyled.

From checking.
No more transactions.

"Oh, hi there."
I look over and see a Rubberhead stuck in the door of the bank.
It's not a rotating door.
It's not an algebra door.
Just a door.
Just a door with a Rubberhead stuck between the part that opens and the part that stays shut.

How'd they get out of the office?

"Oh, man. Let me get that for you."

I open the door for the stuck Rubberhead. They pop free.

"Thanks! You at the office?"

Can't. Answer. Question.

"Was that a ...."

"Dose of my life played out before you? Yes. Let's eat."

"Fucking taquitos, boyyyyy."
Violent Stick People
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