People are always asking me this.

Maybe I am, mayhaps I don't care.

You tell me. Here's me (as Husky Spiderman) and here's Thomas Kinkade (as Non-Green Lantern).

As legend has it, people with my particular spelling of last name (as opposed to the A-I-Ds and the C-A-D-Es) are descendents of horse thieves who were forced to leave the Old West one day after they were caught with some horses. Horses they STOLE!

As not to embarrass the non-thieving Kinkaids and Kincades, us horse haters agreed to change the spelling of our name. This way everyone would know we were horse thieves and rightly not to be messed with or left in front of non-tied down horses.

As legend continues to have it, those who carry the mark of the ADE are decedents of Adam, Eve and Bob the Horse Thief. This would make me and Thomas cousins in crime.

Is it true? Who knows. Could I do research to find out? Yep. Will I? No, but I will steal your horse.

(Last Panel Trivia: That is a t-shirt of a painting of Lincoln-Bot running from an exploding cottage.)
Violent Stick People
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