I have made a little quiz for you all.
"Oh, fun!" the rubberheads scream. "Will it tell me which President I am? Which cast member of 'Desperate Housewives'? Oh, will it tell me if I am a good American?"


I've made a quiz that tells you what kind of light bulb you are.

It is the quiz to end all quizzes by its ultimate stupidity!
No longer will people be able to say "I'm Homer Simpson, the quiz told me so"!
When you go to tell your friend "I'm a flourescent light bulb" you will feel so retarded you will banish online quizes forever!
Banish them to the Wasteland!

You will realize the futility of the quiz industry! They have ... what? Shit. They just don't provide any real service, all right?
Not like the soda or porn industry.

But, seriously, try the quiz.

You are a black light bulb. You are usually
abandoned after sophomore year in college. You
come in a box with a rainbow on it.
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