From Eva:

I don't usually use The Inter-Net at work, but today is so silly and

rubberheady that I had to open a small email window to tell you this
little story:

A coworker walked in from lunch earlier with a large (3') stuffed
Garfield. She was hugging it. She stopped by my desk and told me
she'd just bought it at Wal*Mart -- a friend told her a few days ago
that it was there, and she's been dying to go buy it ever since. She
said it was her Christmas present to herself.

It is still in the clear plastic bag it came in, because she doesn't
want it to get dirty.

Now, two hours later, she just walked by my desk again, STILL HUGGING
THE STUFFED GARFIELD. She has been carrying around a three-foot
stuffed animal all afternoon. At work. A grown woman.

She needs to be challenged to a battle by Mothra or something. And
there's only one place I know of that that can happen...

Here you go, Eva. For having to put up with the idiocy of Rubberheads, we here at Violent Stick Dorks Don't Rock were glad to draw this cartoon for you.
I really like the idea of Eva keeping a handgun taped to her back like Bruce Willis did at the end of Die Hard.

And you, dear reader, do you have a problem with one of YOUR co-workers?
I don't care.

(Pssst, Eva bought a Phi Kappa Nasty C.D. Why don't you? And a shirt! Just so you know, I only raise the price from the set base price on the C.D.s only. I want you to sport Hamburgarr that much!)

Violent Stick People
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