All this talk about stashes got me to thinking that when you live stash free the sky's the limit. This is symbolized by my kickass hangglider.

Mere minutes ago! My phone goes RING. The following conversation goes almost like this ...

Lepro-lady: Hello, I was walking by my cabinet and I saw a box for a copy machine on top of it.


Me: Oh.

Lepro-lady: I took it down and put it next to the cabinet.

Me: Well, I ... hmmm. O.K.

Lepro-lady: So. O.K.

Me: O.K.

Lepro-lady: We need the box.

Me: Well then, it worked out.

Lepro-lady: Yes. It was a big box.

Me: Hmm, OK. Bye.

Lepro-lady: Bye.

And they said a minor in political science would never come in handy.
Violent Stick People
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