A friend who's a crooked cop is a friend indeed.

It's now time for "Brent Writes the Script For Van Helsing Part 2 In 14 Seconds"

Van Helsing: I am Van Helsing


Woman: You - you are Van Helsing!

Villager: Van Helsing?

Van Helsing: Yes, Van Helsing.

Monster: ROAR, Van Helsing.

(Van Helsing pulls out a large device that thankfully kills monsters very quickly.)

Van Helsing: I'm going to Van Hel-sing you a lullaby. A deadly lullaby!


Villager: That Van Helsing.

(Woman dies.)

I put off watching this movie for months knowing deep down that it would be ridiculous. But after a few glasses of the red wine on Thanksgiving I was presuaded by my brain that it'd be fun to watch.
Stupid brain.
It's seriously 2 hours of people going "Are you THE Van Helsing?".

Violent Stick People
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