Welcome to "Brent Gets Confused By Advertising On A Quiet Weekend Drive."

(As we join our hero, he is driving to Target to purchase a new pillow.)

Brent: And as I drive on down the road.
My truck is big and carries a big load.
Hey, look, a lady who is tall.
I bet she used to play basketball.
How everything is yah-yah gold.
And driving in the rain is hard.
The tune is awesome fuck yes y'all!
Yah, yah, Zeppelin Rules for All!
To be a rock and not to roll.
Yah, yah, oh, oh, oh, oh!
And he's buuuuying a Staaairrway ... to ... Tar-get.

(Brent notices a sign advertising a sale.)

Brent: Hot deals on bass? Well, I'm not in the market for fish, but I do love a hot deal. I mean, a hot deal on bass? I bet we're talking 10, maybe 5 cents a pound! I'm totally sold!

(Suddenly Brent notices that there is more to the sign.)

Brent: All speakers on sale. Oh. Bass like hip-hop. Not bass like fishing.

This has been ""Brent Gets Confused By Advertising On A Quiet Weekend Drive". Join us next week for "Brent Discovers Fabric Softner".

"Why the fuck is my fabric so soft?!?"

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