During my weekend trip to Best Buy I happened to catch some of the movie "Drumline".
The only part I saw was some guy (let's call him William) playing the drums really kickass.
After he was done, some other guy (let's call him Dweebnose) came up to him and looked at him all intense like he was going to rip out his lungs.

From this little bit of what I saw I would like to share with you "Brent Figures Out All of 'Drumline' From Seeing Just a Few Seconds Of It".

William is a guy who really likes to drum. It so happens that he goes to a magical school where drumming is the coolest thing someone can do.
The super cool drum kids are on the "drumline".
The leader of the drumline is Dweebnose.
Dweebnose doesn't like William because Dweebnose is an idiot.
This makes William work hard to be the best drummer at the school. He also meets a pretty girl who happens to be Dweebnose's girlfriend. Drummers get all the hot chicks at this school.
Now William has to drum like he's never drummed before so he can win the big drum competition, which in a climactic scene he does.
Dweebnose is angry. A whole stadium full of people gets quiet to see if Dweebnose will hit William. He doesn't.
In the end, William gets the girl and Dweebnose says something like "Welcome to ... the drumline!".

This is the premise for 89% of movies out there right now. Thank God my imagination will not allow me to see them.
Violent Stick People
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