The Difference Between Men & Women: A Narrow Case Study of the Inhabitants of a Seattle Apartment

R Girl's dream from last night:

R. Girl: I'm pregnant, Mom.

R. Girl's Mom: Then we have to go to the doctor.

R. Girl: I have a little tummy.

Doctor: Yes, you are pregnant. Here is your child.

R. Girl: But, that's a toddler. I thought I was having a baby.

R. Girl's Mom: Oh, it's that easy now a days.

Doctor: Yes, this is your baby.

R. Girl: But we don't have any baby stuff. I'm not prepared!

Me: Hey, a baby! That's a cute one you got there!

My dream from last night:

Me: Damn you, Robotronic! I will send you back to your space jungle ... with these ... giant lobster claws!

Robotronic: Try your best, human! Do you like racecars?

Me: Yes! We are now racing!

Robotronic: I am winning!

Me: No, I am!

Robotronic: Yes, you are. Look, I'm Eddie Vedder.

Me: I like your music.

Eddie Vedder: Thank you.

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