On my way into the Rubberhead Factory this morning I was caught behind a Barney purple mini-van with a bumper sticker for "Couples For Christ".

Who are, what are, what is, what be Couples For Christ?

Just a little organization that believes that couples should raise their children to do good (nice) especially for the poor (very nice) while Jesus Christ leads their house on an evangelical mission (um) through life and the sanctity of man on woman marriage action (lost me).

Gays and Jews need not apply.

After I got over my initial fear that the purple van in front of me was going to start a holy war over "whiskey and sinnin'" I started to think.

"Hmmm, 'Couples for Christ' ... Alliteration! How narrow! Let's get narrower!"

So, I have designed a couple of bumperstickers for you slim minorities out there with heavy religious and sexual relationship beliefs outside the norm. Stand and be recognized.

For the Satanist who has given up on relationships we have ... Singles For Satan!

And for the man who enjoys many wives AND worshiping ancient Gods we have ... Polygamists for Poseidon!

Enjoy, dorks!
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