Fall is creeping up on Seattle and soon the air will be filled with orange leaves and footballs.
My favorite!

Fun, fun last night at Blockbuster:

Me: Hey, "Passion of That Christ" is out. Wanna get it?

R. Holiness: No.

Me: (Forgetting God's omnipotence) Hey, babe, maybe we could make a "passion" movie of our own. Talking 'bout a booty movie. Eh? Wink, wink.

R. Everent: Should you be making jokes like that?

Me: (Having realization that I'm unconsciously linking Jesus and porn) Oh. Well. It's O.K. Jesus had a sense of humor.

R.R.J.D.: Oh?

Me: Yep, he actually told the first knock-knock joke.

"Who's there?"
"Jesus who?"
"Jesus Christ, open the door!"

R. Girl: (laughs)

Me: See? You laugh at Jesus' jokes.
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