Wig Wooooooolf!

(Just now. 30 seconds before this period. Passing by Wig Wolf behind a computer monitor.)

Me: OK, Wig Wolf, have a good weekend.

Wig Wolf: I will.

Me: (A sense of do-goodery sweeps over me) So, are you doing anything fun this weekend?


Wig wolf slowly moves her head out from behind the monitor, inch by horrifying inch. Every inch more reveals a large grin pasted on her face. I am annoyed and scared.

Me: So, that's a no?

Wig Wolf: Oh, we'll have fun. Just as long as it doesn't get too hot.

(I run, I run, I run!)
Children, puppies and innocents of the world BEWARE! The Wig Wolf terror alert level is at Super Fucking Red this weekend! She will have her fun! Her father is the Dark Prince! Her first toy was a skull!
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