The swiftboats have circled me!
I am being attacked!

"so I went to google and typed it in in hopes of finding her journal ... anyways, I found this feller's journal/blog thingy-muh-bob (could be a chick, but I was so appalled that I didn't research it any further) anyways, their blog name is Dorks Don't Rock. Show's how much they DONT know. Am I right? Here's the link, be disgusted, boycott them."

Interesting points in Goth Charlotte's rant:
-She can't figure out if I'm a guy or a girl.
-She thinks there are seven of me.
-She thinks I made fun of her friend Lesli.
-She is very excited to be a dork.
-She wants you to stop buying "Dorks Don't Rock". But then my economy will crumble! I'll be forced to step down as web-dictator!

As a non-dork and anti-Trenchcoat&Goth kind of guy I refuse to have an internet fight with Goth Charlotte, but did you know that ...

-She doesn't like soap?
-She said my buddy Chaz was "Stupider than Lestat, the stupidest of the vampires"?
-Her nickname is (seriously) Chucky Poop.
-She "just loves" balloons?
-She didn't get her drivers liscence this year because she totally tried to be an anorexic and, like, ended up passing out at the D.M.V. ... she almost died, you guys.

Why do I feel like I'm back in seventh grade?
Why does it feel so right?
Why is Lesli such a fat whore?

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