Stupid Hotmail!

Send your guest Violent Stick People drawings (preferably in btmp or png format, but jpg will do, you silly-letter-reading-and-understanding dorks) to violentstickpeople@gmail.com
Have a good weekend! Me and R. Slumber just bought a memory foam mattress, so I will!

From the AP:
The insurgency, (Bush) maintained, was the unintended result of a "swift victory" that led to Iraqi troops disappearing into the cities and mounting a rebellion.

"I made a miscalculation. You see what happened was, we beat them too fast and that's why we have almost 1,000 dead soldiers. If only we hadn't had such a swift victory, then all those troops would be alive and Iraq would be one big McDonalds filled with non-dead babies."

Why do the rubberheads get half the votes?!?
Vote, Humanheads!

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