Morning, dorks. Here's some comic heroin to get you through the weekend (especially you East Coast hurricane nuts! What a group of crazies you are with your "It's a hurricane!" and "Someone please tell me where my dog blew off to!".)

This weekend I will be re-attending the all-day bocce ball and sandwich festival, taking care of R. Pups' yellow lab and playing the only two undefeated kickball teams in a double header.

Just so you dorkbabies know ... tomorrow is the one year anniversary of "Dorks Don't Rock". I will be raising a glass (or 14) of bourbon to honor the occasion! Join me in doing so to celebrate the past year of No-Inner-Dialogue Girl, the Roy job, Wig Wolf, Kyle putting his head through a window, Kyle falling off a boat, Ramones Girl, Rubberheads, The Riddler and all!
Violent Stick People
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