From Reuters:
Kerry said Americans wanted real leadership and vowed ... to be a president in the mold of Franklin Roosevelt, John Kennedy, Harry Truman and Dwight Eisenhower.
"They stood up and told the truth to the American people and they had a plan and they took this country to the future," he said.

... well, except for Roosevelt. He didn't do much "standing" and was convinced that if the Nazis knew he couldn't walk THEN THE WORLD WOULD FALL!
Hooray anyway!

An R. Girl story about booze OR nipples:

Girl at bar Saturday night: Oooo, my breasts are getting full of milk. That means my baby's hungry. I can feel my nipples leaking! (Chugs 20 oz. cup of Sex on the Beach).

A Me story about swimming OR nipples:

Girl at pool last night: (Puts toes in water) Ooooo, my nipples, my nipples, my nipples, my nipples, my nipples!

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