After some serious and, what you dorks might call, "adult" discussion, R. Purr and I have decided to keep Nazi Cat.

Our treaty states that as humans we are allowed to a.) name the cat b.) expect a minimum amount of "special parts" biting and c.) eat our broccoli and cheese baked potato in peace.

In return the cat has sovereignty over the apartment at times of human absence and the right to chew up toy elephants.

As stated in the first section, letter "A" of the treaty the cat is henceforth named "Jack" after its unusually long back legs and resemblance to a jack rabbit.
In reference to article "C" the potato was yummy.

As a gesture of good faith Jack has agreed to a special "Dino V.S. Ex-Nazi Kitten" photo shoot later this week. In return he was awarded some yummy broccoli ... and Poland.
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