Two short stories about food from yesterday (One mine and one R. Girl's)

My food story!

Kyle is notorious for keeping a messy car, room, home and pair of cargo pants. If there is space to be filled Kyle will fill it with something. That something is likely a trial AOL C.D.
But not yesterday.
After going out to lunch yesterday Kyle and I decided to spend the afternoon buying soap. To save time and the world gas, Kyle suggested we take his car. The little red Miata, described by some as "a tube of lipstick on wheels".
Described by me as "a car full of shit".
"I'm not going anywhere until you get some of this trash and stuff out of the passenger seat, dude," I said.
So, Kyle started pulling trash out.
Candy bar wrappers.
Empty KFC Popcorn Chicken boxes.
Broken CDs
A rock.
And of course ...
a half-eaten whole chicken.
I still rode in the car after we buried the fowl.

R. Girl's food story!

At work yesterday R. Girl and her co-worker ordered some teriyaki.
They waited and waited for the food to arrive, being unable to go pick it up due to the having to watch the kids on ventilators.
Finally a small, old, rude Asian man showed up bearing gifts of rice and egg rolls.
R. Girl hands him a twenty-dollar bill and a quarter and starts to shut the door.
Suddenly the old man pushes the door open and yells, "This total does not include my tip! No tip for an old man? Where is tip?"
"Well, this is the reason you aren't getting one," replies R. Witty.
"I guess it's going to be a bad day," says the rude Asian.
"For you," she says and closes the door.
The food was good.

Two signs. One real, one in my head, one bad, one good.

The name of the coffee stand next to where I had lunch with Kyle yesterday: "Drink & Drive" Drive Thru Espresso Stand

The name of the price-friendly gyro restaurant I want to open in protest to the $10 gyro platter (beef gyro and fries) at Gyro World: "Christ, They're Just Gyros."
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