Two highlights from my drunken Seattle-to-Raleigh conversation with Kurtis "Baby Got" Backs, the best drinking buddy I've ever known.

Highlight #1!

Me: So, you read my blog, is it good?

Kurtis: Yeah, I have to say I laugh pretty often, except when you tend to over-politicize.

Me: What do you mean?

Kurtis: I mean I can't believe you like Michael Moore.

Me: I never said I like Michael Moore. I think that it's important that he's putting out a message that the average American public has not heard before.

Kurtis: I guess.

Me: It's like Jesus. Did you know Jesus never washed his hands after using the bathroom? He'd be like "I need to pee." Then just say "Hey, let's break bread." People still liked him. It's not the man, it's the message.

Highlight #2!

Me: Yeah, so I told R. Girl that when I die that I want my tombstone to say:
Brent Kinkade

Kurtis: Good one.

Me: Do you think it should have a question mark after "Zombie" or should it be a period?

Kurtis: How about some elipses? Like, "To be continued".

Me: Perfect! It's like I could come back as the Zombie King!

P.S., dorks, as much as I think Pete Yorn and The Smiths' "Panic" kick ass seperately ... together they suck harder than a whore.
Also, on Hwy-167 last weekend I saw a redneck driving a truck with a witty Calvin-peeing-on-something bumper sticker.
What was it?
"City boys"
The redneck was peeing on city boys. The irony is ... you have to usually find a city boy to find someone into that.
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