"They only poll people who have consistently voted in previous elections. ... If they wanted to be honest, they could say it's a 50/50/50 country because they never ask the other 50% how they feel. And I got to tell you, this is what they are in for a big surprise. Come November 2. ... 'it's a 50/50 country'. Like if they just keep repeating it enough, it will be true. 'It's a 50/50 country. Put your heels together now. It's a 50/50 country.' ... It ain't a 50/50 country. People are angry."

- Michael Moore on the "liberal" media

Be angry, dorks! Be American! Vote with your flag!

And don't forget to buy Violent Stick People shirts!

AND! According to the internet, there is a slight possibility that I am pregnant. If I am, the internet tells me that I have been pregnant for 38 weeks. That means I'm not only slightly pregnant, but that I gave birth 2 weeks ago and didn't notice it.
Anyone seen a baby?
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